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  • You Must be Well to do Well. This signature introductory workshop is designed to bring awareness of how "being" is essential to the "doing" in bringing balance to our lives. It provides an overview of research, interactive opportunities, and tools for participants to make immediate simple and powerful changes to their lives.

  • Wellness at Work. This interactive workshop is designed to help participants recognize and reduce the impacts of the workplace upon one's well-being. It combines efficient ergonomics, yoga-based stretches, breathing techniques, healthy nutrition tips, and elements to balance the body, mind, and spirit.

  • Take a Wellness Break. This interactive workshop is a series of ultra mini classes designed to be used when needed- at a workstation, while traveling, sitting in traffic, standing in line or cooking dinner. The mini classes may include imagery, breathwork, yoga-based stretches, creating a wellness kit, and have elements for balance, relaxation, and energy.

  • Wellness for Couples. This day long workshop teaches you the skills and techniques important in supporting a significant other in being well. It covers basic massage techniques to reduce stress and tension, promote relaxation, reflexology for a quick yet overall "massage", acupressure points to address specific issues, aromatherapy to support particular needs, and creating a serene environment to nurture one's well-being.

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