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Ergonomic Guidance

Ergonomic guidance covers the workplace, auto, home, sleep, and recreational aspects of ones' daily activities.

One or more sessions are set-up to address assessment, adaptation, and education of ergonomic needs. Simple changes can yield significant and rewarding results to your well-being!
  • Assessment: View and discuss positional placement during different activities and identify ergonomic issues and create an action plan.
  • Adaptation: We put the action plan to work and make changes as needed with both the environment such as the work chair and desk or car seat, and your position and movement in that environment. Specific props such as pillows, wrist pads, and seat cushions may need to be purchased to attain optimum ergonomics.
  • Education: We make further refinements that may include proper use of props, postural exercises, and techniques such as memory joggers to attain long term change.
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